Services & Rates

60-minute massage

75 minutes: $100

At least 60 minutes on the table, with ample time for intake and outtake where we talk about and track your self-care plan. Sessions include application of heated basalt stones where indicated. Please allow 75 minutes for the duration of the appointment. 

If you regularly schedule one session or more per month, you are eligible for loyalty pricing, and your discounted rate is $90.

90-minute massage

105 minutes: $140

At least 90 minutes on the table with ample time for intake and outtake, where we talk about and track the progress of your at-home self care plan. Sessions include application of heated basalt stones where indicated. 

If you regularly schedule one session or more per month, you are eligible for loyalty pricing, and your discounted rate is $125. 

2 hour massage

135 minutes: $170

With a two hour massage, no stone goes unturned in terms of exploring the tension patterns in your body and offering ample time for bringing movement into stagnant areas, settling into stillness, and creating bridges of integration that allow for a deep feeling of wholeness. Try it...

If you regularly schedule one or more session per month, you are eligible for loyalty pricing, and your discounted rate is $150

Hot oil scalp treatment

15 minutes: $25

A luxurious and profoundly relaxing scalp treatment that can be added on to any appointment. Great for quieting a busy mind, accessing deeper intuition, and nourishing your hair and scalp.

Choose from:

  • Purity treatment
    • Pure and rich sesame oil, the traditional oil for this treatment as it done in Indian Ayurvedic medicine practice. 
  • Sweetness treatment
    • Organic coconut oil infused with sweet rose essential oil (100% botanical)
  • Grounding treatment
    • Organic sunflower oil with creamy sandalwood essential oil (100%  botanical)

Treat your feet

15 minutes: $25

A nice long foot rub truly send you floating away into the clouds. With an extra 15 minutes every nook and cranny of your feet will feel tended to. 

Also, according to reflexology, the feet contain a map of the whole body. That means that when you receive work on your feet, your whole body benefits. When you receive this session, I will work the reflexology points for areas that correspond with what we worked in the session, or organs in your body you want to support with extra care. I will also teach you how to work on these yourself between session. 

Even if your feet are sensitive, I encourage you to try this—I can be gentle help you relax into it. If your feet love getting steam rolled with lots of pressure, I can do that too! The session includes hot towels wrapped around your feet and ankles to help open up the muscles and joints before we work. 

Can be added on to any session.


Intro Massage

30 minutes: $60

Available for new clients who wish to try my work, this one-time intro session provides the opportunity for working on a specific area where you may have discomfort or limited function, to get a sense of whether I can be helpful to you.