NEW! Groundwork Community Massage Clinic

Groundwork Community Massage Clinic is currently accepting clients for low-cost, community oriented massage therapy. Please get in touch if you have any questions that are not answered below.

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About the Clinic

Groundwork Community Massage Clinic was created to serve members of the community who would benefit from regular massage but who may lack the funds to make that possible.

The clinic is set up as an educational opportunity for fully licensed massage therapists who seek to improve their expertise in the field. Therefore, all the  massage therapists who take part are qualified to give an excellent massage. The therapists also possess professional curiosity, motivation, and a desire to expand their knowledge and skills.

The clinics are led by myself, Meredith Carpenter, LMT. I have 13 years experience in the massage field and over 10 years experience teaching massage, anatomy, kinesiology, and pathology. Teaching is my passion and I developed the clinic in part as an outlet to share the skills I’ve developed over the years with therapists and clients who will benefit from them.

Community Massage FAQ

1. What is the room like where I will be receiving massage?

The setting is a large classroom with multiple massage tables. There are no room dividers between the tables, so you will be in an open setting where you will be able to see other therapists and clients from your table.

2. What about undressing?

You will be asked to undress to your comfort level for your session. Some clients choose to undress fully, while others choose to leave their undergarments on. If you wear a bra, you may be asked to undo the clasp while you are laying on your stomach to facilitate your therapist working on your back. 

In terms of the logistics of undressing, some clients choose to first get on the massage table, then remove their clothes under the massage sheets. Groundwork therapists are adept at holding the sheets over their clients to facilitate this process comfortably. Alternatively, there is also a screened area,  behind which some clients choose to remove their clothes and change into a robe before getting on the table. Please let us know which you would prefer before you attend the clinic so we can bring a robe for you if necessary. You’re also welcome to bring your own robe from home.

3. How will my massage session differ from a “regular” massage in a therapist’s office?

Besides being in a room shared with other therapists and clients, the instructor will be visiting your table to support your therapist in developing the new techniques that they learned that day. You will therefore be receiving work that is supervised and enhanced by a veteran massage therapist. Any questions or concerns that come up during your session can be addressed by the instructor as well.

4. How long will my session be?

Depending on the length of your intake conversation with your therapist, you will receive a 75-90 minute massage session.

5. What is the cost?

Session are $55. If this is cost is prohibitive to you, please contact the Clinic Administrator at for information about financial assistance. 

6. When and where do clinics happen?

Sessions are Tuesday mornings, once a month, from 9:45-11:30. The location is the Hanuman Siddhi, a martial arts studio at 407 Taughannock Blvd in Ithaca, NY.

7. Can I receive massage at the clinic if I have a serious medical condition?

Oftentimes, yes. But we may ask to speak with your treating physician before the session to ensure we are aware of any precautions or contraindications. 

8. How do I sign up for a session?

Please visit